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Hoshinosato【Good access to Mt Aso "Daikanbo"】
Horse riding available B&B 

Horse riding and feeding are available with a booking in advance. Touching a horse is free of charge. You can enjoy organic vegetables and food as usual here.

35min drive to Aso mountain

Kikuchi City,Kumamoto

Sozugawa【Good Access to Mt.Aso "Daikanbo"】
Traditional Japanese House

The house is more than 100 years old, and located on the way to the great view point of Mt. Aso in 30min drive.
Also you can enjoy Kikuchi Gorge in 15min drive.

Kikuchi City,Kumamoto

Kakinoha-an【Good access to Mt.Aso】

30min drive to Aso mountain, and great view called "Milk Road".They have Japanese flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and calligraphy wearing Kimono as optional menu.

Kikuchi City,Kumamoto

Tsubaki-an【Good Access to Mt.Aso "Daikanbo"】
Traditional Japanese House

Those who want to touch the living culture of Satoyama in Japan, those who want to travel throughout Kyushu, we are waiting for you at the center of Kyushu.

Kikuchi City,Kumamoto

Kikuchi Gorge.jpeg

Kikuchi Gorge

A must see nature
in Aso-Kuju National Park
Car Navigation Map Code:
618 306 167*20
Google Map:Kikuchi Gorge

It is located in Aso-Kuju national park, and a good combination to see the gorge and Aso since it is on the way Aso's view point called "Daikanbo" in 20 min drive distance. You can have a walk along the riverside for 30 min to 60 min. The gorge is the beauty of water side while Aso is beauty of mountain side. I recommend to head on to Daikanbo after for the stunning nature tour combination.

Kikuchi Onsen.jpg

Kikuchi's Onsen:

Hot spring after the activities to condition your body.

It is 100% pure hot spring, and known as "Beautiful Skin Onsen" and "Cosmetic Onsen" since the hot spring water is very smooth. It is alkaline and soft clear color with 45 degree temperature. It has a good effect on cosmetic, neuralgia and Rheumatism.

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