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Twin Star

Twin Star

The so many awarded ice cream shop. A must try ice cream once in your life.

Japanese special local chicken with BBQ style to state the best of it.


Morino Ajidokoro Nakamura 
【Traditional Japanese BBQ Cuisine】

The restaurant is located near Kikuchi gorge and surrounded by nature. The chicken is called "Jidori" which is well selected from Kyushu. The owner is mushroom farmer called "Nameko mushroom", and you can taste them in "Dagojiru soup"

Yukino,Kikuchi City

Car Navigation Map Code:175 356 601*06

Google Map:Morino Ajidokoro Nakamura

Twin Star

This ice cream shop sells to many places in Japan, especially to Tokyo. As the shop has so many customers, the taste is proved and it is located on the way to Mt.Aso if you take Kikuchi route. It is worth taking to drop in as a must taste ice cream once in life.

Kyokushi,Kikuchi City

Car Navigation Map Code:175 088 569*54

Google Map:Twin star

フォークとスプーンの食事のアイコン素材 4.png

Nishidera, Kikuchi City, Kumamoto

Car Navigation Map Code:175 170 874*14

Google Map:Sazanka

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