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Kikuchi Gorge  is one of 

Aso-Kuju National Park 

near Daikanbo (23 min drive)

A must see nature spot in Aso area located in Kikuchi city
Walking course through the nature

Aso is well known as a wild mountains to see, and Kikuchi Gorge is known as a water and gorge.

It is a good combination to see the gorge and Aso because it is on the way to Aso's view point called "Daikanbo" in 23 min drive distance. You can have a walk along the riverside for 30 min to 60 min. The gorge is the beauty of water side while Aso is beauty of mountain side. I recommend to head into Daikanbo as the stunning nature tour combination.

Available in all seasons

Car Navigation Map Code: 618 306 167*20

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